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Episode 03 - Zone Events



In this episode we tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of zone events!  We also cover the latest Rift news, the Madness in Mathosia event, achievements, some very helpful add-ons, and how to get the ability to teleport almost anywhere in Telara.

Hey guys, haven't listened to the recent podcast yet but wanted to tell you about some fun I had last night!  I was playing with my girlfriend on my Guardian Cleric Tank just outside of Sanctum and the Life rift Zone Event started.  We fought our way through some rifts and defended the wardstone in Sanctum...and then the boss came out!  He was a 1 Million+ Treant (his name started with a G)!  We were in a group of about 17 fighting him and I still died about 6 times and it took about 15 minutes to take him down.  For me, since I am still pretty low level this was by far the biggest guy I had fought.  TONS OF FUN!  My gf had a good time as well. 

Just thought I would tell my storey and see if anyone else had a similar one? Or had fought this big 'ole tree!

Sounds like a blast!!  Thanks for posting. :)


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