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Lex & His Cleric


Hi buddy felt I needed to jump in and help you out with your cleric buddy as you are not showing the love for it right now.

I happen to know that you are not getting all you can get out of that class and I would really like to help you out with that
So if you get time at some point please come find me and ill help you with some builds that will show you some real power that blows  the mage out the water.
Not to say that they mage has no power I love the mage all so but real power for me comes from the cleric.

So if you would like some help with that find me in your guild under the name Splitx or just mail me in game under my game name Poggle

Love the podcast thank you for doing it. Poggle

Awesome!  Sounds like a plan!

No problem I would love to help. But I do seem to keep missing you in game.
So if you give me a time to be on and ill be there.

Looking forward to it Poggle

You can always post any builds you have in the cleric section of the forums.


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