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greetings from Indegaux

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Good evening.

I have toons all over the place,  some on Threesprings, my Main is on Shatterbone, one on Seastone and then Indegaux on Faeblight.  It all comes from having good folks to play with who aren't all on the same server.

That being said, I am a social player.  I'm a happily married gal, middle aged,  part of three generations of gamers.   :D

I've been on Rift since day one, with a six month break to play SWtoR. I occasionally dabble in EQ and DDO and Neverwinter.

Indegaux, my 2nd favorite Rifter! (After Ariz of course :P )

Welcome to the guild! I'm glad the three of you could join us!

A quick note about the introductions.

If you are a guild memeber please put your introduction in the "Member Introduction" thread of the Private Guild Forums. That's how we keep track of promotions and such. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out! :D

Thank you so much to everyone. I'm sorry for the confusion on this. Mohr has rearranged the board layout a little to lessen the chaos.

I would but those private forums aren't available to me yet or something :P

My apologies Kegerator. Let me know if you still can't see them! :D


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