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Hi I'm Poggle


Hi every one I'm Poggle

I have seen that no one has been and said hello yet so let me be the first HI....!!!!!!! LOL

So anyway I'm Paul But my friends all call me Poggle even my mum do's.
I am 32 years of age never to old to game.
I'm from Manchester in the UK.
I also have 3 kids 2 boy 1 ginger princes age's 3,6 and 10 years old so me and my wife have so much fun with that.
One of my real passions in life is Pc's and building them also I love to gaming and Rift is my baby right now.
I also love to sit with a drink to i have been drinking John smiths bitter.
I like it but i think i need to try some new drinks.

see you in game Poggle

Hi Poggle! Welcome to the community!

I haven't had John Smith yet. It looks like they make 3 brews. Have you tried their other 2? I wonder if I could get them in Washington. :D

Welcome Poggle!  Definitely let us know if you find any good beers!  :D


Did you mean to put this in the guild forums? 

Would you please copy/paste your post into the Introduction thread in the General Guild forum in the Guild forms?  That's where we keep track of guild members for promotions and such.



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