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If you would like to introduce yourself to the TTR community, please do so in this thread.

If you are a member of our guild, please post an intro in the Introduction thread in the General section of the Private guild form.  You are welcome to post here too, but we need your intro in the guild forums as that's how we track membership for promotions.

Hey guys, Wheatabits here.  I'm trying to find access to the Guild Forums to do my introduction.  I registered both "Wheatabits" and "Lilybits" and neither give me the guild option.  I may be doing something wrong...

It's fixed. We have to give you access on our end. You have guild access on Lilybits now

Hi Mohrdeghast!
Hey you might need to do the same fix for me I do not see the guild forums for me to copy my intro over.


You should have access now Noshtar


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