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How to Join Our Guild
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:01:52 pm »
If you listen to the Through the Rift podcast, then you've heard us talk a lot about our guild.

If you would like to join our in-game community, it's easy to do.  Our guild is located on the Faeblight shard.  Although Faeblight is an RP-PVE shard, RP is not required on the server or in our guild.  If you have a character on another shard you'd like to bring into the guild, you will need to transfer to the Faeblight shard first.  You can transfer shards once per week for free.  You character must be at least 20th level to transfer.

Once you're on the Faeblight shard, open the in-game Guild Finder.  The default hot-key is Shift+G or you can find the Guild Finder under Social (the speech bubble icon) on the main menu bar.  Once you're in the guild finder, search for Through the Rift and apply to the guild.  When an officer is next in game, they will get your application and will invite you to the guild.  If you're not online, you will get the invite when you next log in. 

While you're waiting for your invite, please read the guild charter if you haven't already done so.  All members are assumed to have read and agreed to abide by the guild charter.

If you wish, you may also let us know you've applied by posting a message in this forum. 

Once you've joinded the guild you should get access to the private guild forums.  If you don't, let Mohrd or Elaravin know, and they can fix it.
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