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Guild Charter (i.e. Rules & Philosophy)
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:31:35 pm »
The main rule of TTR is Wheaton's Law:  Don't be a dick.

TTR is a casual guild.  We play the game to have fun.  We are not about grinding or elitism.  We believe if you're not having fun playing the game, then you're playing the game wrong.

TTR is not a raiding guild.  We don't plan on being a raiding guild anytime in the foreseeable future.  We will not recruit people for the purpose of building up a raid team.  If you wish to raid, we suggest you find a raiding guild.  If you think you may want to raid in the future, you are welcome to be part of the guild until that day comes.  If you decide to leave the guild for a raiding guild, there will be no hard feelings (as long as you do it in a decent way).  You will be allowed to have alts in the guild if you wish.

Any kind of elistism will not be tolerated.  TTR is a place where even the greenest player can ask the most noob question without fear of ridicule or snarky, nonhelpful "answers".

Our philosophy is that religious beliefs (or lack thereof) are a personal matter, and there is no place for discussion of them in guild chat.  Also discussion of any type of politics is not allowed.  Feel free to discuss science or other empirical things that can be proved/disproved, but discussion of "belief," whether religious or political, will not be tolerated.  Such discussions invariably turn into arguments unless everyone involved agrees, and in a group as diverse as our guild, such agreement is not likely.  There are many places you can have such discussions, the TTR guild is not one of them.

TTR is an adult guild.  There is no PG-13 limitation in our guild chat like in so many guilds.  We are adults and should be able to talk like adults.  So please no children in this guild.  Also, if you're a parent and choose to have voice comms on speakers where your children can hear, or let your children read guild chat, and they hear/read something you don't want them to, that's on you.  We are not going to ask people to censor themselves. 

Any abusive, racist, sexist, or homophobic talk will not be tolerated.  If you see any of this kind of behavior in the guild, whether it's directed at you or not, please let Mohrd or Elaravin know immediately.

TTR is a social place.  We want members who truly want to make friends in the game.  We encourage all members to join the forums and be active.  Members will not be promoted if they haven't joined the forums and posted an introduction (it doesn't have to be long).  Members are not required to be in voice chat or to use voice chat.  However if you want to use voice chat, you're more than welcome.  Please see the post on ranks and advancement for more information on how to advance in the guild.

Members are encouraged to play the game together as much as they like, doing dungeons, instant adventures, zone events, etc.  However we all have times that we just wanna do our thing, and that's fine too.

Alts are welcome in the guild.  You may have as many characters in the guild as you want.  Just pick one to be your "main" as far as you identity on the forums, how we know you in game, etc.
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